Online web base Underground Water Monitoring for Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) at Eldabaa site, Egypt


Owner: Nuclear Power plant Authority

Consultant: Warly Parson WP

Project status: Open


Project Steps:

  • Regional and Local ¬†Well and Groundwater Extraction Locations for area with 16km radius from the center of the core.
  • Development and Construction of 18 Piezometer Monitoring System. Each system is occupied with solar power system and wireless data transmit system 10to be run separately independent on human.
  • Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivities in 18 Piezometer Wells.
  • Lithoseries Bulk Density, Particle Density, Porosity and Soils Moisture Content for 18 piezometers wells.
  • Groundwater Pumping Test to Determine Aquifer Characteristics
  • Site Groundwater Level Monitoring Analysis for one year.
  • Water Chemistry Analysis two per well for 18 wells each six month.
  • Piezometer Network Expansion for extra 18 wells.
  • Soil Chemistry Analysis for 40 samples.
  • Retention Characteristics for Soils and Rock
  • 18 Point Dilution Tests11
  • 3 Dispersion Tracer Tests


In this project we Drilling 55 Monitoring Wells and one Pumping Test wells and 18 core Sample Wells. All the work in this project is done according to the standard ASTM