Agyad Hospital Development Project in

 Makkah Al-Mokarama – Kingdom Saudi   Arabia


Stage No.1 : During Foundation Drilling

Customer Name: Al-Madufy Contrcting Company –Makkah Almokarama –Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Our Task:11
      As it is known Makkah Soil Is Hard Rock. So they use Blasting to Excavate for Foundation. During the Blasting Process, they need to Monitor the Surrounded Building to Monitor Any Settlement or Tilting, and Measure the Vibration of Theses Building During The Blasting and Normal Work. All these Data are Real Time and Online Web Base Monitoring.
Supplying, Installing, Commissioning, Training, and Follow up the System after Warranty Period Were Our Task.
The System Include:
  • Complete Data Acquisition 32 Channel Expandable up to 256 Channels
  • Set of 4 Tri-Axial Accelerometers to Measure the Vibration in All the Directions.
  • Set of six Biaxial Sensors for Measuring the Tilting in Two Directions.
  • Real Time Monitoring Software to Monitoring the Data Online.
  • Complete Data Logging Solution to Record the Data Measured for A Period on one Weeks and It is working OnLine or Off Line.
Stage No.2 : During Foundation  


As it is known from 40 years established drainage tunnel , in this project site , now  the ministry of finance need to invest this very important site by establish two structure one for hotel 42 floors and other one for hospital , but to be save the asked united group to install complete turnkey systems web based real time  monitoring  of the effect of the new structure on the underground tunnel
The system includes:
  • Four complete rod extensometer system to monitoring the deformation may be done to the tunnel
  • Eight pressure cells to monitoring the load transferred from the new structure foundations to the soil