Ministry of Electricity and Dams  Merowe Dam Electricity CO.


Project Name : On Line On-Line Hydrological Monitoring Systems


  • Supplying, Installation, Commissioning, and Training for Technical Staff for the Following:
  • Bed-Material Samplers.
  • Complete Cable Way System Current Meter With Cable Way System (Installed In the Two River Side’s).
  • Propeller Current Meter.
  • Depth Integrating Sampler for Suspended Sediment.
  • Nile river profile using River-Ray ADCP.
  • Web Based Automatic Water Level Monitoring Radar.a
  • Universal Current Meter.
  • Install 12 Piezometer Systems around the Merowe Dam for Water Level Monitoring, Water Analysis, and Water Sampling.
  • Complete trolley Crane with Winch and Current Meter.

Web Based Complete Water Quality Stations.

 The Task Executed is Installing  Hydrological Monitoring Systems Full Complete to Monitoring the all  Water Level , Water Quality  Parameters , Water Speed , Taking the Water Samples , riverbid ssamples and Controlling the Discharging Water from the Merowe Dam  and  Monitoring the Discharging and  Filling of Merowe Lake in Sudan , The Systems Installed Over the Dam and Before the Dam on the Small Rivers That Supply The Lake  , Every Station Include the Sensors and  Data Logging and  Collection and  GSM Station and Solar Cell for Power the Stations , and the Data is Sent From the Stations Automatically to the Web for Real Time Monitoring and for Archiving  for  Future  Statistics , We Install the Systems in the Determined  Locations , Take Initial Readings and Flow up The System  From  the  Site and  Remotely  on line and Make the Analysis Remotely and Send Report to the Owner  Daily  With all the Readings of the Day .